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KLENSPOP Review: Fashion gray & brown!

HEEELLLOOOOO EVERRYYONNEEE. I'm so sorry for the SUPER LATE post /: I've been doing some other stuff and I've been out shopping more lately. I've finally had time to actually SIT down and write this blog post for you guys :) I'm going to try to make this as short as possible and straight to point because I know most people hate reading too much.. It's all about quality not quantity :) Ok, let's move on to the review!

If you don't know what Klenspop is then please click here for some information about them since I think it's pretty pointless to retype the whole thing. Also check out their website and if you like anything purchase some lenses from them or even makeup (yes makeup!) click here for cosmetics

Also even though my blog posts on klenspop are sponsored, it is 100% my true opinion. Just wanted to make that clear. :)

So the shipping was super fast this time.. SO fast I was kind of confused but yea I'm impressed!

When I opened the box this was the first thing I saw! There's a discount code so I was like "oooooh nice!" So I'm guessing if you order more than 1 you get a discount code?? Idk but either way it's nice.

Here's a close up of it front & back! There's a discount code and there's a contact lens wearing & wearing out manual. So 1-4 steps for reference if you're not a contact lenses wearer. I actually think that a separate piece of paper is more helpful than having it on the back of the box like they usually do but either way is fine! :)

The tightly bubble wrapped packaging as always!! Except there's two now because today I'm reviewing two! (brown & gray) yay! Klenspop was so generous and decided to offer me both of them at once. So yeah, love their customer service! They are super friendly and amazingly nice/polite.  They're always willing to send me contacts to review & they always tell me my reviews are great & I'm just really happy to be sponsored by them! Overall, their customer service is A+!

This picture is just to show everything in the box that I've taken out so far. Two different girls ^^

When I opened the box I was pretty shocked. No plastic ziploc bag! O: But ofc there's a case (simple but I like it) and a tweezer (which I never use because I prefer the palm of my hand)

There's a plastic thing to put the lenses in! I personally prefer this packaging better heh :-) I think this was the gray since I remembered I took the gray out first hmm. I didn't take a picture of the lenses inside of the case because honestly, I could not tell until I put both in the sunlight. The lenses kept moving back and forth so I couldn't snap a good picture /:

Yes, yes unfortunately I ruined my eyes at a young age so my eyes are pretty bad D: But yeah the packaging is cute :-)

I like the black color it looks like the galaxy o: or maybe that's just me... I wanted to include this picture because um it's a closer view of the pattern heh.

So I kinda spent half an hour staring at the both of them in the case and then I was like ok so I poured it out but I still couldn't tell which was which! So I snapped a picture and they were DIFFERENT. It's hard to tell which is brown and which is gray so when in doubt turn on flash or snap a pic in good lighting x)

NOW.. FINALLY to the eyes :)

Sorry for my horrible bangs /: So here's the gray on my eyes. They're all flash.
Top: Both eyes with lenses
Middle: Left eye lenses, Right without lenses
Bottom: Kind of blurry sorry omg /: but just to show you guys a better view since I'm almost looking at the camera..

Top: both lenses in artificial bathroom light using front camera
Middle: Both eyes using back camera in artificial bathroom lighting
Bottom: Left no lenses, Right lenses in artificial bathroom lighting using back cam

COMFORT: 4.5/5 At first it burned my eyes like crazy but then I realized that's because I didn't clean it enough LOL. Also use multipurpose solution and soak for at least 1 day (something I'm guilty of not doing /: ) But -.5 because I would not recommend wearing these out for more than 4 hours even with eyedrops because they kind of start feeling like they want to fall out or better description jump out (x BUT they are so comfortable! 

ENLARGEMENT: 5/5 It's the perfect enlargement although I wouldn't mind it a bit smaller heh. When I'm wearing these, you CANNOT tell unless you go up close but like who would want to do that? haha. It gives my eyes this dolly look without looking like I'm an alien.

PATTERN: 4.5/5 These are so unbelievably natural. I love it! -.5 because It appears a bit bluish and there's like lines you can see up close but otherwise it's perfect!

I recommend these! & they're cheap so it's not like you're spending a fortune :) click here. btw the picture on the website is pretty accurate (surprisingly) but I like whenever pictures are accurate because you're getting what you want!

If you're thinking I'm done.. nope! I have one more LOL. I'll try to make it quick don't worry.

This is the brown & I LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEE (haha omg) the brown so much. It's my favorite. I love the gray but the brown I just want to wear everyday!

1. artificial bright light (it's almost like flash but not) using front camera
2. flash using back camera
3. front camera in bedroom light (actually this is near the window)
4. back camera near the window

Sorry for the messed up makeup... I came back from a full day of shopping so I was worn out and so was my makeup haha.

How they look on me. They're so natural and I just love it!

COMFORT: 5/5 Don't know why this one is more comfortable than the gray but I wore this for 13 hours without problems (I know bad haha omg) but yeah dang! These are battling my daily clear lenses (the ones that I wear daily to help me see)

ENLARGEMENT: 5/5 I have no idea why this one has a smaller enlargement than the gray (or maybe I'm weird lol) but I love the enlargement. It's so natural! Up close you can't even tell and it's like my eyes but it makes it lighter (very subtle) but I love it. I love the bunny color brown but it's such a shame that I can't wear 8.6mm lenses (Base curve) :( So this is my go-to lenses now.

Pattern: 5/5 I like the brown so much better and I love it. 

I RECOMMEND THIS SO SO SO SO MUCH. I'll stick to these & might even buy it after it's no longer good unless ofc I try something better.

OVERALL: 4.5/5 (gray) ; 5/5 LOVVEEE (brown)

click here for more information on the brown lenses!

& that is it! I hope you guys have a great day and also check out my social media before you leave (if you want to)-- click on the tabs you'd like to check out. Instagram or twitter are my two main social media. Anyways, byee!

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  1. These lenses look soo pretty omg i was thinking abt trying them out too!! I love the brown one, it looks even more natural on your eyes than the grey ones. Btw i love your eyes LOL. Thanks for this helpful review


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